Imprint Seeking production
Katja has a severe anxiety disorder. And it isn’t all in her head.  An offhand remark by a near stranger sets in motion Katja’s discovery of epigenetic trauma and a shocking, long-held secret that explains her condition.

The Way It Works – Seeking Developmental Reading
Nigel’s the smartest guy in the room. And he’s practically the only guy in the room. It’s a woman’s world where female arrogance and confident ignorance trump male intelligence and hard work. Nigel’s had it with the game. He’s going to turn it on its head, fight for his rightful place at the top. Will he be successful? Is that the way it works?

Maggie and Charlotte – Seeking production
Is it futile to fight fate? To hope for the return of the person who used to be? Is it possible to have hope, happiness and dementia at the same time?

Speaking the Language
A high-powered, arrogant attorney suddenly goes from being in the top 1% to the bottom 1% and dramatically changes her perspective on people, her current circumstances and her purpose in life.