Marsha Roberts

I’ve been a writing and drama nerd ever since I can remember. Was on the staff of the college paper and yearbook; made video documentaries, wrote plays, stories.
You know the type.

Finally, the cold hard splash of adulthood hit, and I had to support myself. I dabbled in copywriting for a while, then wandered into human resources, where—apparently—I was needed.

It’s decades later and I’ve now worked around the world as an H.R. executive and management consultant. I’m also Co-Founder of “Welcoming Home,” a non-profit that fully furnishes the homes of the formerly homeless.
And I write every chance I get. 

Much to my surprise, my stories and plays have been quite successful.
And personally rewarding.
There’s nothing better than connecting with another human’s fears, loves, challenges … so they know they are not alone.
Oh, yes, there is something better, or at least equal to that: making people laugh.

You can reach me at: [email protected]