“I highly recommend “Speaking the Language” (A.K.A. “Talking Tenderloin”) for development into a full theatrical production. The story focuses on a successful lawyer losing everything she has, forcing her to step into the world of the poor. Her characters are well drawn and compelling, and her story is timely, shining a light on the ever-widening gap between the privileged and underserved. The staging, casting and set requirements are also manageable.” Rachel Bakker, City Lights New Works Program Manager, City Lights Theater, San Jose, CA.

“Roberts uses a razor-sharp wit, keen cultural insights and a deep understanding and compassion for her characters to tell some fantastic stories. She delves into the unexpected turn of events with her recognizable empathy and humor.” Patricia Cotter, Emmy award-winning playwright.

“Her writing is original and compelling, heartbreaking in its emotional truth.” Corey Mandell, award-winning playwright and screenwriter.

“In 10 minutes, Roberts captures an honest, real-feel mother/daughter conflict in “Candy Thief.” An engaging work, well-suited for a short play festival market!” Vivian C. Lermond, award-winning playwright and screenwriter.

“Ring of Truth” appeared to be the most fully realized production of the five short works presented (at the Durango Arts Festival). As the play unfolded, a fluid three-part structure revealed a taut, comedic universe. Throughout, the pacing and simple staging enabled the humor to shine through. Judith Reynolds, American Theatre Critics Association, for the Durango Herald.

“Time’s Up” was selected as a semifinalist for our Impossible Fest 2020. A bright and strident play, “Time’s Up” holds nothing back as it tackles women’s empowerment. The dialogue clips at a wonderfully breakneck pace, allowing Roberts’ comic timing to shine. The play is a strong farce, asking us to laugh lest we cry at the issues presented. An added bonus is Gloria Steinem on a skateboard—does it get better than that? Incredibly theatrical and full of laughs, “Time’s Up” is a raucous and bubbly piece of theatre.” Matt Schutz, Literary Manager, Vanguard Arts Collective.

“Not My Type” was definitely a hit with the audience. I loved how you addressed the stereotypes that society makes us think we have to be. And we are not! Nancy Davis, Towne Street Theatre.

Your play, “Bingo,” opened our shows because we knew that it would draw audience attention quickly and it did just that. There was obvious approval in the enthusiastic applause at the end of the play. Cinda Goeken, Sarasota Follies.


“What is love like in the 21st Century? In her short stories Marsha Roberts goes well beyond the obvious and superficial, luring us deep into the curious terrain of the human heart in a pursuit of connection and understanding that is both mystifying and utterly compelling. Linda Watanabe McFerrin, author of “Namako,” “The Hand of Buddha” and “Dead Love.”

“When I find that I am already well into the piece, and I don’t remember how I got so deep, it is usually a sign that I’m on to something. Her writing is really tight. The economy of language is perfect.” RW Spryszak, Thrice Fiction Editor.

In “Tweaking Fate,” Roberts reminds us that feelings last longer than short term memory; that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that lemon ginger cake and wishful thinking can be healthy choices; and that maybe not all of us but some of us can stay young at heart. I chose to publish this story because it left me smiling. I choose to trust characters who favor the moment as it happens over the moment that’s recalled. And those characters who in the first sentence are not only waiting for coffee at Starbucks but also waiting for their lives to change? I’ll wait around with them as long as it takes.” Daniel Becker, Publisher.